Uniting Today,
To Strengthen Tomorrow

A small initiative to join these children to the mainstream and try to motivate them to be future leaders in different fields. Bring them to the school to empower them to live their lives respectfully.

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We Rise By Lifting Others.

We are supporting street children classes run by some volunteers. These classes have been started in 2009 and till now more than 1000 students have studied in these classes. 

Founders of Neanv Foundation are attached to these classes since 2012 and supporting for stationery since then.

For more information about the future plans for these classes and converting it to full-fledge school, click on the button below.

Making An Impact With Your Powerful

Neanv Foundation’s primary objectives are philanthropy, educate and social well-being. Raising the standard and mindset of our society is only possible through education to all. A very large population still not getting the government’s education to all scheme in India, over a million of families are poor and the primary objective of them and their families are searching employment or work for their livelihood, due to that they also don’t want to educate their children too. To motivate these parents and children & bring them to school/classes and getting ready to go to school, is the primary objective of our foundation.


Send Donation

See how you can make a difference in families’ lives with small support from you.


Adopt Future

Adopt the education of a child for a year and give them a brighter future.


Become Volunteer

Come and join us to spread the smiles and enjoy and feel the satisfaction in your heart

Impact That We Have Created

With the continuous efforts of foundation, children are coming to school for better future. We are trying to 

Students till now
Students are in Higher studies

Making An Impact With Your Powerful

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What Our Supporters Say

These classes can not be possible without the supporters. We are very much thankful to our supporters and volunteers.

Inspire People To Take Action, To Change The World.

We always welcome volunteers to pace the drive and help us to educate the part of society that is very far from the centralized education system.

Be A Change Maker, Your Support Is Powerful

A charitable organization or charity is an organization whose primary objectives are philanthropy and social well-being. The legal definition of a charitable organization varies between countries and in some instances regions of the country

Roof for the Students

Currently, these children are studying in the filed or rooftop of the house. There is an urgent need of a building to conduct the classes and furniture for the same.

School Teachers

We are intviting the volunteers to teach these students for 2 hours only.

Healthy Food For All

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Uniform and Shoes

We want these students be ready to the cope up with the copetition of society

All Lives Have Equal Value.

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Contact Us Now!

We are always open for suggestions and improvements for the causes, we are working for. We also want more and more people to join us in our causes to strengthen the roots of our future generations.